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Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper is a versatile form of decor that can fit all themes and home designs. You can put up wallpaper in aesthetics from classic to modern and non-traditional styles. With South Beach Wallpaper, you can enjoy all the benefits of wallpaper without having to deal with the installation process. We will manage everything for you and ensure your walls look great!

Wallpaper Repair

Wallpaper has always been a colorful way to give a room style. Unfortunately, Accidents are inevitable, and tears and other damage are common. And if you do not fix these problems right away, you will end up having to replace the entire piece of wall covering. The good news is there’s no need to replace an entire wall covering. We can repair your wallpaper seamlessly.

Wallpaper Removal

South Beach Wallpaper can remove your old wallpaper with delicate techniques that will prevent damage to the wall behind it. Depending on how the old wallpaper being removed was installed, minor wall repairs may be needed. That’s not a problem as our professional installers will come prepared to do repairs and prep work so the new installation will look its best.

Drywall Repairs

South Beach Wallpaper has built a professional reputation by delivering an extraordinary customer service experience. Before the wallpaper of your choice is applied to the walls and before the surface preparation is complete, we can assist you with your home’s drywall repair needs to bring you the best possible finished project.

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At South Beach Wallpaper, we are committed to your satisfaction. We go above and beyond what is asked of us to ensure that we exceed expectations. Partner with us and experience the difference we provide.